There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why ... I dream of things that never were, and ask why not? — Robert F. Kennedy

To get results that have never been produced, Trailblazers understand we must do something that’s never been done; this means doing different things not just doing the same things better. Trailblazers engage in what Robert Quinn calls deep change. You are comfortable with the constant change necessary to bring about deep changes to the way we think and deep changes to the way we operate.


Seminars Recommended for Trailblazers

Thriving in Constant Change

This half day seminar helps leaders to navigate the new challenging environment in which change is a constant not an initiative. Leaders will gain a better understanding of the drivers of constant change and the keys to thriving when change is ever present.

The Toolkit of a Trailblazer

A mini-seminar (90 to 120 minutes) that identifies six attributes of Trailblazers that help them overcome the challenges of change, avoid personal burnout, and successfully lead major organizational change initiatives.


Articles Recommended for Trailblazers

5 Principles for Dealing with Constant Change
An article by Greg that helps Trailblazers to successfully leverage change into opportunity

Blogs Recommended for Trailblazers

Leadership blogs that help Trailblazers master their environment even in the midst of change.

“Stop the change! I want to get off!” For many of us, change is like a train taking us where we don’t want to go. And like the train rider, we can feel powerless to stop it.

But even in times of change, we have the power. Like the 1970’s television series character, the Six Million Dollar Man (“We can make him better than he was. Better, stronger, faster”), we can emerge from change better than we were before.

But we must make a choice.

“Rank has its privileges.” “Do as I say not as I do.” “I’ve earned my stripes.”

Common phrases likely spoken by common leaders.

Exceptional leaders expect only the privileges enjoyed by all others. Exceptional leaders do what they expect others to do. Exceptional leaders don’t stop “earning” benefits after they believe they have achieved them.

Books Recommended for Trailblazers


With a voice of experience and proven success, Greg Wallace addresses the mechanics of the change initiative from a uniquely personal perspective, offering transparent, heartening, and instructive insights to strengthen, inspire, and enlighten.

Greg’s simple yet profound keys of transformational leadership generate tangible business advantages, as well as producing a sense of definitive accomplishment in the leader.

“Overcoming is a book that I savored as I read it. The first story in the book was so authentic – it captured me and made me stop to think about leadership from a very personal level.” Susan Mitchell, CEO, Mitchell, Stankovic & Associates

Available on Amazon $9.99