With a voice of experience and proven success, Greg Wallace addresses the mechanics of the change initiative from a uniquely personal perspective, offering transparent, heartening, and instructive insights to strengthen, inspire, and enlighten.

Greg’s simple yet profound keys of transformational leadership generate tangible business advantages, as well as producing a sense of definitive accomplishment in the leader.

“Overcoming is a book that I savored as I read it. The first story in the book was so authentic – it captured me and made me stop to think about leadership from a very personal level.” Susan Mitchell, CEO, Mitchell, Stankovic & Associates

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You have read the books and attended the seminars. But is what you have learned about leadership working for you? And if not, why not? In Transforming: The Power of Leading from Identity, Greg Wallace breaks the code and debunks the cookie-cutter, charisma-driven approach to leadership.

"Transforming is a refreshing and innovative approach to leadership development. It contains excellent thinking and it is clear Greg has great experience practicing what he's teaching." Clifton Anderson, Founder & CEO of Treasure Holders International, former CFO and Senior Vice President of The Wonderful Company

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"In my experience, few people have as profound an understanding of church reformation as Greg Wallace and even fewer know how to actually lead and transition church leadership teams into this dynamic to become the “new wineskins” our Papa God is so needing in the earth.” – Lisette Malmberg, Senior Apostolic Leader, New Life Tabernacle, Oranjestad, Aruba.

KG Ministries provides Transformational Leaders of churches and ministries with additional resources to help them prepare the ground and pave the way for transformation of society.

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