"None of us is as smart as all of us." — Ken Blanchard

Working as a team is good, leading as a team is powerful. Facilitators are those who are skilled at creating environments which maximize the ability of teams to accomplish strategic as well as tactical initiatives. Your ability to harness the power of individual people to lead as a team enables you to create extraordinary results.


Seminars Recommended for Facilitators


Exponential Leadership: How to Lead as a Team

This seminar gives leaders the tools and methodologies to implement shared leadership concepts. These concepts help his direct reports to lead as a team not just work as a team. Leading as a team maximizes the contributions of each team member by allowing them to contribute based on their talent not just their role.


Leadership Essentials: Leading Yourself, Leading Others, and Leading Organizations

Seminars that help leaders to become even more complete as leaders who are unique and authentic; exercise transformational leadership in influencing others; understanding the power of identity and alignment in achieving organizational milestones, and three keys to executing on organizational mission.


Articles Recommended for Facilitators

From Smart Business Magazine
How to Tell When an Employee is Challenged or Overworked
An article by Greg that helps Facilitators to leverage the best talents of their team members.


From StrategyDriven Magazine
Overcoming Catastrophe
An article by Greg that helps Facilitators find success even in the midst of disaster.


Blogs Recommended for Facilitators

Leadership blogs that help Facilitators to motivate their team members to be at their best.

Anyone who has seen the movie, “Finding Nemo” remembers the seagulls. “Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine” was their constant cry.

As leaders we can sometimes mimic the seagulls.

My knowledge: “Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine”

My experience: “Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine”

My position: “Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine”

I recently realized that if I count my role as the vice president of the United Methodist Youth Fellowship (MYF) of Pacoima, I have been in leadership roles for almost 40 years! OMG! Am I that doggone old? Evidently.

So what do I have to show for all of these years of experience?

Well, for one thing I have learned that being in charge is glamorous but being a leader is hard; es muy dificil.

I have bought my share of books on how to become a good leader. Almost certainly they contained nuggets of wisdom; but by necessity, those books contained cookie-cutter approaches because they are designed to be generally applicable.

In addition, I grew up as a leader looking for role models (and buying books by and about them). For a while I believed that my best path to success as a leader was to emulate my role models.

Thus, my default setting when equipping leaders was to ask them to do what I was doing, find a model or a role model to emulate; sometimes I was that role model, sharing my experiences with others in order to replicate myself in them.

Books Recommended for Facilitators

Upcoming: Boomerang Change: Transformational Leadership Begins with Me. An insightful book written by Greg that highlights the benefits to organizations when leaders first look to transform themselves before trying to transform their organizations.


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