“Vision without execution is just hallucination.” — Thomas Edison

A vision of the future is a great start. Drafting a plan of action is critical. You understand that none of it matters without execution. You transform your world when you translate vision into an actionable reality.


Seminars Recommended for Architects

Transforming My World: How to Translate Vision Into Reality

A one day, hands on, workshop that helps leaders bring an organization’s vision to pass by giving them a tool to clarify its purpose, sharpen its focus and align its resources.


Articles Recommended for Architects

From Smart Business Magazine

Are You a Threat or a Liberator?
An article by Greg that helps Architects continue to move forward in their careers.


Blogs Recommended for Architects

Leadership blogs that help Architects to execute on their visions even more effectively.

Leadership is not just what we do it is also about who we are. Depending on which assessment we take some of us are classified as drivers, or type A’s, or commanding. We often look at the world around us and see so much that needs improvement.

We think: There is so much to do, it will take such a long time and I’m just one person.

Many times these observations deflate us into inaction, we reach paralysis by analysis and we do nothing instead of something because we can’t do everything. But we must understand, even when it comes to making a difference, something beats nothing.

I’ve been a part of so many strategic planning efforts that follow the same pattern that includes, but unfortunately is not limited to:

  • A multi-day offsite with the organization’s leaders that includes reviewing mounds of previously generated research and background data, e.g., SWOT analysis,
  • revisiting or creating vision, mission, values statements, and determining critical success factors, goals, etc.
  • generating a high level outline of a strategic plan,
  • assigning teams to lead the development of the strategic plan’s components,
  • a report out of the teams results to the rest of the leadership team (a step that is repeated several times that includes lots of wordsmithing), and
  • the development of a comprehensive plan that finally achieves consensus (“I can live with and support the plan”).

Books Recommended for Architects

Upcoming: The End of Hallucinations: Three Keys to Transforming Vision into Reality. A book written by Greg that helps leaders solve the riddle of producing tangible results from worthwhile visions.

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