OUR PURPOSE: To transform the world by changing the way leaders think about leadership


We do not offer up yet another “how to” list about leadership. We are facilitators, defined by the Cambridge Dictionary as “someone who helps to make something happen, or who makes it easier”.

We understand that developing you as a leader is more about who you are than what we know; by focusing on your unique identity we can help you build your own model of transformational leadership.



Everything, especially leadership, flows out of relationship.
Before we offer you service, we would like to know more about who you are (what you do? Not so much).

To start, let’s identify the leadership approach that best aligns with your unique leadership identity.
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As you consider how we can be of service, get to know us a little better; for instance, why do we value coaching and facilitation over mentoring and consulting? Hint: we understand that developing you as a leader is not about reproducing ourselves but helping you to discover your best self.

Guided by who not what, we will work together to build a plan that develops you into a transformational leader who is even more capable of changing her world. Let’s talk.

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